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Die Fabrik der Zukunft: Ein Praxisleitfaden zur Wertschöpfung im Fertigungsbereich

[WHITE PAPER] This whitepaper explores how Zebra's portfolio of Auto-ID technologies can create new values with existing assets and... more

Data security: How a proactive C-suite can reduce cyber-risk for the enterprise

[WHITE PAPER] The number one technology issue in the C-suite today is cyber-security. And there’s no wonder—attacks are becoming... more

Fashion Planning a Direct Retail World

[WHITE PAPER] Ignoring Amazon may be costing fashion retailers dearly. Fast fashion retailers are no longer fast enough, while traditional... more

Goodbye to Business as Usual: Think Piece

[WHITE PAPER] Part of a series on the Future of Procurement, by Oxford Economics

How to Reap the Benefits of Value-Based Reimbursement

[WHITE PAPER] The transition to value-based care is inevitable. But similarities to the ICD-10 transition end there.

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