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“Follow The Yellow Brick Road” To Business Value

[WHITE PAPER] Naomi Lee Bloom presents a guide to using effective Human Resource Management (HRM) practices and business rules.

SteelHead Hybrid Networking

[WHITE PAPER] Increase network application performance and availability while reducing costs with Riverbed Path Selection

Holiday Load Testing: Three Ways to Drive More Value Whitepaper

[WHITE PAPER] The chorus starts every year before the first carol is sung: “Load test before the holidays! If you don’t, you’ll be... more

The Impact of IT Transformation on Enterprise Computing

[WHITE PAPER] We are pleased to present the findings of The Impact of IT Transformation on Enterprise Computing sponsored by Logicalis.... more

IDC Analyst Connection: Opportunities in Omni-Channel Merchandise Optimization

[WHITE PAPER] This Q&A with IDC Retail Insights discusses the opportunities available to retailers through omni-channel merchandise... more

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This report reveals what is driving the convergence between eCommerce and WCM solutions and provides a framework for eBusiness professionals to use when considering the pros and cons of using these historically independent platforms together.