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IDENTIFYING RISKS: How loss control is vital for the construction industry

[WHITE PAPER] General contractors are facing a wide range of risks each time they set foot on a construction site. Tasked with the... more

Wide Area CAD Engineering: Challenges and Solutions for Revit, Civil 3D, and BIM Applications

[WHITE PAPER] For most AEC firms, data acquisition is increasing at an exponential pace. Files are growing in size and complexity,... more

5 Ways to Benefit Your ROI Using e-Signatures

[WHITE PAPER] 5 Ways to Benefit Your ROI using e-Signatures Download to learn more!

Integrated Computing Platforms: Infrastructure Builds for Tomorrow’s Data Center

[WHITE PAPER] ESG report on virtualization, intelligent management software and the benefits of ICP.

Implementing Energy Efficient Data Centers

[WHITE PAPER] This paper explains how to quantify the electricity savings and provides examples of methods that can greatly reduce... more

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Are you product launch plans competitive? Once upon a time watching video online was a niche activity. As video has become widely available on mobile devices, it was become a mainstream activity. According to eMarketer's March 2014 report, video has and will continue to enjoy the highest ad-spending growth rate across both mobile and desktop. This white paper speaks to mission-critical inclusion of video in our product launch plans.