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The Definitive Guide to Shift Scheduling

[WHITE PAPER] From best practices to inside tips, explore how to become a shift scheduling expert.

Reap the Benefits of the Evolving HPC Cloud

[WHITE PAPER] This paper shares valuable insight to life science centers leveraging cloud concepts to manage their infrastructure.

Webinar: SDN 101 – Why should you care?

[WEBINAR] Attend this webinar to learn how SDN helps address the challenges of virtualization. You will learn practical tips that... more

Empowering Your Mobile Workers White Paper

[WHITE PAPER] Read how some of the nation’s most progressive corporations are meeting the many needs of their mobile workers — without... more

Rugged Laptops Deliver Reliability, Security in Harsh Work Environments

[WHITE PAPER] Harsh environments for PCs are not confined to factory floors and constructions sites today. They also include hospitals,... more

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This paper focuses upon the AD-IX ecosystem billed as a way to promoted efficient bidding and trading for ad inventory.