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EMC VNXe Series

[WHITE PAPER] With a starting price that others can’t match, the newest member of the EMC® VNXe® Series is the most affordable unified... more

McAfee Next Generation Firewall: Examining Next Generation Network Security

[WHITE PAPER] This report presents the results of ESG Lab’s validation testing of the McAfee Next Generation Firewall. Integrating... more

Reinventing Data Masking: Secure Data Across Application Landscapes

[WHITE PAPER] Most data masking products can create masked data copies but not distribute or update them, resulting in projects that... more

The Business Value of Data Domain

[WHITE PAPER] This paper focuses on Data Domain technology leadership and differentiation and why it matters to you. The purpose... more

Sicherheitsanalysen: eine erforderliche Eskalierung in der Cyber-Verteidigung

[WHITE PAPER] Sicherheitsanalysen stellen eine neue Anforderung im laufenden Wettrüsten zwischen Angegriffenen und Angreifern dar

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