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OCEG Survey: How Does Your GRC System Stack Up?

[WHITE PAPER] A basic business component, GRC strategy is implemented by all companies in some way shape or form, but it is not done... more

How Procurement can deliver unprecedented value to the Enterprise

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Beyond Retail: From Point-of-Sale to Point-of-Service

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Digital Economy: Doing Business in-the-moment

[WHITE PAPER] The Forbes Insights report, Doing Business In-the-Moment: How SMBs Run Live in the Digital Economy, offers examples... more

eBook: Optimizing DB Storage Optimization for Dummies

[WHITE PAPER] One of the most effective ways to address database performance and cost challenges is to modernize the underlying hardware... more

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Thanks in part to its leading business climate, workforce, and trade and transportation infrastructure, Florida ranks among the nationís top 10 states for manufacturing.